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Select from over 200 of the finest shirting fabrics sourced from the best mills in the world. We will then style and fit your shirt fitted exactly as you want.

Our rigorous dedication to quality ensures that your custom shirts are the finest available in Melbourne.

Shirts are individually made by our tailor to your unique size and selected style and delivered in just 2–3 weeks.

Sarti Tailors is dedicated to using only the highest-quality shirtings from Italy, including Thomas Mason Albini, Monti and Canclini.

The bespoke process compared to suiting is simpler, with fewer layers, but the benefits of cutting the shirt to the exact measurements of the body are equally profound.

With stock shirts, you usually have to choose a shirt according to collar size, and then accept default measurements for the length of the sleeves and the body of the shirt.

With a Sarti tailored shirt you will experience the best comfort and fit to suit your body shape and size.