The Sarti Bespoke Suit Service

After many years of employing a team of master and specialist tailors from all parts of Europe and Asia and creating the bespoke suit in the original way, owner and founder Celia Coate embarked upon a journey to create a modern bespoke suit, which would ensure the integrity of the original bespoke process yet reduce the amount of man hours to a more practical and affordable level.

As a result of research and development Sarti now boasts a streamlined bespoke process designed to  maintain the full integrity and sartorial excellence of the original bespoke tailored suit, ensuring the highest quality and affordability .

Here are the steps we take in the design and creation of the unique Sarti bespoke suit.

  • Call, text or email to make your appointment. Consider your sartorial requirements and convey your colour and style preferences to allow Sarti to prepare for your visit.

  • If you are unable to leave your office or home, Sarti’s tailors will come to you.

  • In your first appointment our experienced Tailoring Manager will take your precise measurements, confirm all preferred style details: lapel width, vents, closeness of fit, buttonhole details, number of buttons.  There are thousands of exquisite cloths to choose from milled by the most celebrated companies in Italy and the UK. Zegna, Loro Piana, Scabal, Holland and Sherry, Solbiati, Vicenza, Harrison LBD, Dormeuil, Carnet and Cerruti. However such a daunting array of choices will be skilfully narrowed down for you by the time of your appointment. To save you time we will have an educated selection of suitings waiting for you.

  • Our Sarti staff will provide you with an exact quotation upon which you will be asked to pay a deposit of 50%. On the same day, availability confirmed, your cloth will be ordered direct from the selected mill and flown directly to our Master Tailor.

  • Your personal measurement and style schedule along with photographic confirmation will be conveyed to our international  Master Tailor.

  • Rather than creating a first fitting from your chosen cloth, our Master Tailor and his team of fitting specialist tailors will create a first fitting from our stock of classic navy super100 wool and through the aid of our photographic information, will include the positioning of the sleeves.  The combination of first and second fittings rolled into one fitting is designed to save you both time and money whilst not compromising on the precise detail of the fit of your suit. Your first fitting pinned, chalked and marked and photographed, our Sarti Team will then convey all adjustments to your pattern our Master Tailor has created for you.

  • Your special suiting will then be cut and passed on to the finest hand stitching tailors in the world.  Canvas and horsehair canvasses will be attached by hand to your luxury cloth with the uppermost care and attention to detail, our artisans can bring to your suit. Perfect buttonholes stitched by hand, pick stitching artistically yet forensically administered. Colourful and interesting lining, internal contrasting stitching and your initials if you choose. All by hand, all just for you.

  • A third appointment will be arranged for you to suit your busy lifestyle.  Over an early morning coffee or perhaps a smooth scotch in the evening you will try on your magnificent Sarti bespoke suit.  Should you require any further adjustments we will arrange a fourth appointment or deliver the suit to your establishment of choice.

  • Meanwhile your perfected suit pattern will be housed by our Master Tailor in readiness for your next order.  The next time will be much less time consuming, the fun part of choosing your cloth and style is all you need to do to recreate your perfect silhouette in the world’s finest luxury suitings.