At Sarti we offer the full range of made to measure tailoring services.

  • A choice of ready-to-wear suits hand made by Sarti in your size. Full canvas, handmade, fitted and adjusted on site. Finest fit, shortest time.

  • Made to measure suits and shirts in the finest quality cloths and cottons.

  • Bespoke tailored suits and shirts hand made with multiple fittings, designed and constructed uniquely for you.

Whether a shirt, a suit, a new jacket an overcoat or trousers, Sarti’s expert staff will help you create exactly what you need.

Each Made to Measure suit can be created from an extensive luxurious selection of the best international fabric mills such as Loro Piana, Zegna, Holland & Sherry, Scabal, Drago and Monti.

Cloth styles spanning pinstripes, strong patterns and checks are available in a variety of weights and blends. Clients can choose their unique fabric to match skin tone, body shape, style and personality. Our shirting fabrics too are from the world’s most esteemed mills.

Such materials, in the hands of our highly experienced tailoring staff, enable us to create business, casual dress and formal wear of exceptional style and quality.

Sarti’s unique Made to Measure relationship begins well before measurements are taken, with an initial consultation at a place of your convenience or in store over a coffee or whisky/beer of your choice to better understand your suiting preferences.

Once we have a vibrant picture of your needs and wants, we’re able to put our distinct attention to detail into effect—loging precise measurements while taking into account all body adjustments, your posture and how you move.

The fit of a Sarti bespoke suit seamlessly fits not only the client but also his/her ergonomics and lifestyle. We aim to create that which sophisticated and powerful clients desire with the ability to satisfy the most varied lifestyle in terms of daily living, aesthetics and sense of style.

The unique relationship that is established between us and client is treated more like a friendship where the exchange of ideas and opinions become essential elements to personalize, improve and update a wardrobe beyond that of any other.

A Sarti Suit can be created in full canvas, half canvas or unconstructed for the warmer months. Each individual canvas piece is hand padded and not machine stitched. Herringbone basting hand stitches can be found inside the custom suits lapel, again in the collar, all sewn by a highly skilled Tailor.

Our basted lapel is formed by attaching the canvas to the lapels with precision tension that can only be achieved by hand and years of practise this is so that the lapel rolls gently towards the break point. Our master tailors adjust the tension of every stitch accordingly, allowing the suit jacket to hold its perfect shape for decades while also being flexible to move and shift with the body.

The shoulder padding of your individual jacket will be sewn in by hand, extreme care is given to ensure the shoulders are lightweight enough for ease of movement but firm enough to exude a powerful silhouette.

Additionally, the paddings are hand molded which create the crucial lines and drape of the suit. We pay supreme attention to every nuance of the shoulders encompassing width, slope, symmetry, rotation, and musculature. This detail ensures an undeniably custom look, fit and feel. You can choose shoulder shapes from standard, rope or natural shoulders for your bespoke suit.