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Established in 1990 and now located centrally in Sherwood court Perth and on Lonsdale street in the heart of Melbourne, Sarti Tailors has dressed actors, athletes, and industry leaders. We are committed to providing you with the finest quality suits and the most sophisticated bespoke experience. We take enormous pride in going beyond simply making suits — we create garments that inspire confidence and success.

Being perfectionists, we push the limits of high quality and design as far as they can go.

Being passionate drives us to make the best handmade suits for discerning men around the world.

Our uniqueness lies in creating suits that not only adhere to modern trends, but also tie in seamlessly with a classic wardrobe and the unique lifestyle of the wearer.

We pride ourselves in combining the time tested traditional tailoring methods passed down through the iconic Savile Row, with the sleek un-paralleled craftsmanship of modern Italy. We provide each and every client with expert advice on how to build the most stylish and practical pieces for their everyday wear.

We fit suits to your exact frame while accentuating the more powerful aspects of your build through details, style and cut giving a definitive feeling of uniqueness. Standard off-the-rack clothing simply cannot touch the style and fit that has been meticulously perfected exclusively for your body, your image, or your lifestyle. If you’re serious about dressing well, you deserve clothing that speaks strength and confidence.

For this we have created 2 distinct categories to cater to your specific needs

Sarti Tailor

Perth Tailor Showroom Opening April 2016

Sarti Tailors will be opening our Perth office in the iconic Lawson apartments, next door to the stock exchange on Sherwood Court. Our Tailoring atelier will be complete with the finest examples of bespoke and made to measure suits and shirts available in Perth. Enjoy a martini while we fit you in our 10th floor studio looking out over Elizabeth Quay.

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