SARTI Bespoke Shirts

For both men and women, the perfect shirt is the shirt you have made. The height of the collar exactly suits the length of your neck. The shoulder seams are exactly where they should be.

The length of the sleeves is perfect. (Rarely is the left arm the same length as the right.) And it’s precisely the right length.

And here’s the fun part. You get to choose from hundreds of fine cotton, silk and blended shirting samples from the world’s finest mills.

In addition to our bespoke shirt-making service, we offer a selection of seasonal, Italian cotton shirtings for both men’s and women’s shirts in Slim Fit, Standard Fit and Ample Fit styles. You select as well from a range of cuffs, collars, pockets, belted options and epaulettes.

We also offer a comprehensive range of ready-made shirts for men and women, all of which can be adjusted on site by our master shirt-maker.