How much is a Sarti Bespoke Suit?

Usually between $2750 and $4500 depending on the choice of cloth.

What would be the least expensive Sarti suit?

Sarti has a great range of handmade readymade suits in all sizes. If the colour and style suits you, our tailors are on hand to make adjustments so you can be ready for your appointment in your new Sarti suit that same day if required. Starting price $1200.

Can I order my size in a cloth of my choice?

Yes, Sarti has a great made to order suit system in a great range of fabrics priced at $1800.

How long does a bespoke suit take to make?

Usually around 6 – 8 weeks to allow for the making of the second fitting. If we have stock of the cloth it can be achieved inside three weeks if necessary.

How long does a made to order suit take to make?

If the cloth is in stock inside 2 weeks if we need to order exclusively it would be 3 weeks.

Is it true that you can buy a bespoke suit for under $1000?

There are lots of people who call themselves tailors who are not. You need to be careful that the suit you order under the guise of bespoke is handmade using canvas and horsehair around which the suit is constructed. Usually, under $1000 the suit will be made with a glue fusing inside which lies flat on the body and often bubbles when dry cleaned.

I can’t make an appointment during office hours or on Saturdays.

Not to worry, Sarti will accommodate you before or after work for your bespoke tailored suit.

What is the difference between a bespoke and custom-made suit?

They are alternative words which can mean the same thing. Be sure to ask how the suit is constructed.

Is a tailored suit the same as a bespoke suit?

If your readymade suit is altered by a professional tailor, you could say it has been “tailored”, meaning the sewing process. Quite different from having your suit made for you.

What is the difference between bespoke and made to measure?

Primarily made to measure is the process whereby your suit is made according to the same measurements of a ready-made suit block with minor adjustments to suit your particular body shape included. The suit is presented as a finished suit with no fittings.

How do I know whether to choose Bespoke or Made to Measure?

At Sarti, with our knowledge expertise in measurements, we will advise you whether you will benefit from the bespoke process. If we feel we will achieve maximum fitting results through the made to measure process and that a bespoke fitting is an unnecessary cost in your time and to your pocket, we will advise accordingly. A Sarti suit will always be hand-made using full canvas and horsehair construction, regardless of whether it is ready to wear, made to measure or bespoke.